Uncertainty about CRISPR's future

Cas9 on a DNA helix

Some feared, that the patent decisions on the CRISPR technology this spring might lead to a monopolization of the technology. However, according to a last month's article in Nature Methods, it is not at all clear at this moment, whether CRISPR will hit a home run for the editing of the human genome.


The Staden package on Ubuntu for bioinformatics dinosaurs

Installing Staden on Ubuntu 16.04

Mostly we use the SnapGene software when we check the sequences of our DNA constructs.


Real biohacking

How much PCR product can you get?

PCR tube

How much PCR product does one get from a typical PCR reaction? 50-120 ng/µl seems to be a typical result, but it very much depends on your PCR conditions.


SnapGene - Simply the best DNA manipulation software

Plasmid map of pBR322

Our lab has been using different software packages to plan, document and visualize DNA constructs.


Staden problems



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